Open Expenditures Schema

Updated July 2014

Data Attributes

The entire ledger is represented as a single dataset of transactions down to the invoice distribution level. This is a summary of the data schema; a full version of the schema is documented and kept up-to-date here. Two optional auxiliary datasets are documented at that location.

Some of these fields may vary from implementation to implementation.

Attribute API Field Type Required Value Required
Fiscal Year fiscal_year Number Yes Yes
Fiscal Period fiscal_period Number Yes Yes
Service service Plain Text Yes Yes
Department department Plain Text Yes Yes
Program program Plain Text Yes Yes
Expense Category expense_category Plain Text Yes Yes
Vendor Name vendor Plain Text Yes Yes
Vendor Number vendor_id Plain Text Yes Yes
Vendor Zip vendor_zip Plain Text No No
Payment Number payment_id Plain Text Yes Yes
Payment Method payment_method Plain Text No No
Payment Issue Date payment_date Date/Time Yes No
Payment Status payment_status Plain Text No No
Invoice Number invoice_id Plain Text Yes Yes
Invoice Line Number invoice_line Number Yes Yes
Invoice Line Distribution Number invoice_distribution_line Number Yes No
Invoice Date invoice_date Date/Time Yes No
Amount amount Number Yes Yes
Description description Plain Text Yes No